Squashy Frog Photography Is Back Online!

 What is Online Business Photography?

To me it is capturing images of something ordinary in a way that makes it something interesting. This is my main aim with my photography and hopefully my site and blog demonstrates this. Currently this site is very much under construction – for example, the slideshow above is only a demo. For the moment you will find my blog with the odd entry, my portfolio with my photos and some detailed background, a news page that highlights the latest important posts, details on my photography on the info page, links to my sites, friend’s site and other useful places, info on me on the about page, a contact form to use to get in touch with me and a site map with all the pages on this site to your online business.


In the coming weeks and months the site will see many updates. A proper gallery will be added with all my current and new work. My external store page will have a major overhaul. The blog will be regularly updated with lots more content including background detail on my photos, articles on photography I’ve found on the web or written myself and the odd post on my other various interests. And lots, lots more with eCommerce business photography.

So feel free to browse and let me know what you think? And please enjoy my photography!

My photography

My main genres are animals, nature and landscape. As I live in a fairly rural town, these elements are in ample quantities but I also have easy access to the city and get up there for some urban photography. My main successes have been in sport and event photography and I enjoy getting to events big or small, including rally car and tennis tournaments as well as one events such as the Red Bull Air Race and Le Tour de France Prologue in London. But I photograph anything and everything so expect to find a variety of photographs here with the new online business design.

All photography and graphics on this site and my DeviantART store are copyright to me, all rights reserved. Any photography, graphics or artwork on my blog that is not mine is copyright to their respected owners. If you wish to use any of my images please get in with me. Please do not use them without my permission. Any photos on my Flickr photostream that are not photos found here are under a Creative Commons license, so please check the individual photos for their exact license and availability of use of professional business photography.

This site is mainly static pages (other than addition photos from me). What my blog brings is regularly posted content. You will find posts of all my new photos along with detailed background info such as where the shot was taken, how it was taken and how (if any) post-production was completed. The blog will also include any useful articles and video tutorials I’ve found on my travels around the web plus a few written by myself. There will also be my favourite photography and artwork from other artists around the World. All this and the odd non-photography article covering anything and everything of interest to me.


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